Pick me as a SmartChargHer because I totally love Energizer

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I am always “going and going and going” as a parent, partner and business professional, but what attracted me to this contest was the word that BarefootMomma used: SmartChargHer.

In the corporate world, you often have to be smart about the work life and mom life balance. As a woman, you do need to be smart about charging your own ‘batteries” and finding out the best way of doing that for yourself. Perhaps it is a run early in the morning or a latte in the afternoon. As a Mom, I need to be smarter than my son: putting a lock on a cabinet the day before he pulled it open or moving a glass vase the hour before he learned to grab.

The Energizer brand resonates with me because it is a smart brand.  Not just because we have more battery operated gadgets in our house since our baby boy was born, but because the company has a spirit of innovation.

The three brands under the Energizer company (Energizer Battery, Schick and Playtex) have played a vital role in technology and communications for more than 100 years. Whether it is the battery in your child’s bouncer, the liner in his bottle, or the razor you have sitting in your shower (and if you had 5 minutes to yourself would be able to use), Energizer as a whole has been on the cutting edge.

The company has also led the industry in “green-ness”. From eliminating yucky metals from batteries, supporting battery recycling programs and introducing rechargeable batteries. It was the first company to introduce those little on-battery testers in 1995. (Remember how you would press down on two points on the battery and a line would light up letting you know if there was any “juice” left in the battery…loved that!)

The innovativeness of the company is not limited to the batteries. From introducing the FIRST electric razor to the FIRST plastic tampon, the Energizer brand is known for its innovation. As a blogger, my role is innovation: searching and striving to be on my game while being a mom, wife, and dog sanitary crew member (aka pooper scooper); otherwise known as a Wominnovator.

In addition to those facts, here are the reasons why I would rock it as an Energizer Smart ChargHER at this year’s BlogHer conference.

My Worst Nightmare

1. I can rock a bunny costume, though a T-shirt works too.

2. I am already going to BlogHer. (Helpful isn’t it)

3. I am a Facebook Fan of Energizer PowerSource. (Oh, sorry…I am a Facebook “Liker” of Energizer PowerSource)

4. I have been tweeting my little tweet-out as Miss “The3Ts” (I also tweet as Metrowestmama and TwittinontheRun)

5. I don’t have any other sponsor. (<Sniff, Sniff>)

6. I kicked butt in the Energizer Bunny Beats (Have you played)

7. I can do battery interventions so other women don’t have a large bag of used batteries in their garage. (Ahem…)

8. After my BlogHer expenses, I will be donating $1000 of the $2000 to Children’s Hospital Boston so they can use buy Smart Chargers for the toys they have for the children. (Proof of donation will be submitted.)

9. I came up with this catchy poem: Toys, music and tv remotes, Energizer will rock your boat. (And as result of that poem will keep my day job.)

and Drum Roll Please….

10. I have the qualities that “make up” a great EnergizHer….

Effective · Noteworthy · Energetic · Responsible · Grateful · Innovative · Zealous · Efficient · Reliable


There are many honorable women and posts in consideration for this sponsorship opportunity.  I chose to participate in order to have my costs covered to BlogHer and to give to charity. Thanks for your support!


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