Kick Butt

Posted on November 18, 2009. Filed under: Fitness, Product Review, Review |

Frankly, I am getting tired of seeing “Woman as Objects” advertising. I usually let it slide though and move on, as most of us do. Recently though, I saw two commercials that really took it to the next level and has set me a wee bit over the edge. Maybe because I expect the degradation of women when I watch the commercials during sporting events (sad fact), but I don’t expect it from a fitness company. The offender – Reebok.

The two commercials that aired have close-ups of butts and boobs, and I mean c-l-o-s-e ups. The message, as the woman bends over in her underwear for a close up of her waxing job, buy our new sneakers with a special technology that will improve your butt. (Ironic that I saw these commercials for the first time while working out on the treadmill.)

Anyway, these commercials are for women’s sneakers. Yet as far as I know, the ‘in-our-face’ boob or ass shot usually only works for heterosexual men. So why show a woman’s butt in my face as I run on my treadmill? Supposedly I will be insanely jealous of this woman’s butt that I will run out and buy these sneakers so my butt can look just as good. In other words, my desire for a great butt will override my inherent objection over the degrading commercial.
Luckily these commercials appear on lesser known cable channels. Although I do see them during the day. At least my newborn son can’t see that far yet, but others may not be so lucky. All because the advertisers know such ads work and we will be running out the door to buy the sneakers. Added to the fact that people like me will post our angst and anger, creating free advertisement and buzz over such sneakers.
So this post is not about feminists rights or why we should not let advertisers continue these campaigns, etc. etc. Nor am I saying that you shouldn’t run out and try to get a great butt. Rather, my point is that if you are going to run out to get kick-ass sneakers, get sneakers that don’t use such degrading ads and have been around longer than these new ‘offenders’.
This ‘butt-sneaker’ technology is not new. A company called MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) created a sneaker in the late 90s in Europe to make physiological improvements to our walking gait. In 2003, the sneaker made its debut in the U.S. While its focus was (and is) less on a great ass and more on physiological improvements, it does achieve both and has the specs to prove it.
So if you have the desire to have your boobs be jealous of your butt, then skip the Reeboks and give MBTs a go. I don’t own a pair….yet. One distributor I know of is Bliss World…..and they are currently having a sale.
Happy butt kicking.

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