Soda Shame

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When I became pregnant, I immediately gave up my can-a-day soda habit. It was not easy! Since then, I just drink juice, milk, water and seltzer water for that carbonated pick-me up. There are times, however, that I crave something more than fizzy water.

Flavored carbonated water is an option, but often tastes just like water with an elusive hint of something fruity. (Emphasis on the elusive part). When I have the crave, I sneak in to the local convenience store feeling guilty and looking over my shoulder for the anti-soda police.

There is hope my fellow I-gave-up-soda-but-crave-it-anyway peeps.

I had the opportunity to attend a yoga event recently – hosted by Boston Mamas and sponsored by Steaz. Frankly, it was less about the opportunity to try Steaz® products and more about getting in a workout and getting out of the house, sans baby, for the afternoon.  Yet that changed the instant I got there.  (Though I was still excited to get out of the house.)

When I learned about the company, I was impressed: Fair trade, Fair price, Green, Organic and an American Based product.  Their website is the BEST I have seen.  The product?  Hands down, I have found my soda alternative.

Steaz® has a range of products: sparkling green tea, iced tea, and energy drinks.  I was able to try the Steaz Zero Calorie® – launched just a couple of months ago! So here are the facts: it is made with organic ingredients, sweetened with the all-natural stevia (so no calories or carbs) and contains 120 mg of natural tea antioxidants. It is available in four flavors – Raspberry, Orange, Blueberry Pomegranate and Black Cherry.  Like all Steaz products, the line is certified organic by Quality Assurance International as well as Fair Trade Certified® by TransFair USA. It’s sold in fully recyclable glass bottles and retails for around $4.99 for a four pack. The product can be found at Whole Foods®, Stop & Shop and other local stores.  (You can search for locations on their website to find retailers near you.)

The orange flavor is my favorite because it tastes like Sunkist®.  Not kinda-a sort-a tastes like Sunkist.  It really tastes like it.  Not a fan of the Raspberry though as, in my opinion, it seems to have a chemical aftertaste, but the blueberry pomegranate (that I happen to be sipping on right now) is my runner-up favorite.  I am looking forward to trying the Black Cherry.

So needless to say, I am so glad I went to the event as I would have missed the opportunity to find a great product. I don’t have to live in soda-shame anymore!

You could take my word for it.  (A good option.)  Or you can try it for free. (An even better option!)  For a limited time, Steaz has a great coupon on their website, so you can try a bottle for yourself!

So what are you waiting for?


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